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edelblut business economy healthcare Frank Edelblut Answers Questions on Economy, Healthcare and More on WMUR (7/25/2016) - Republican candidate for New Hampshire governor Frank Edelblut recently joined WMUR’s Josh McElveen for a live Q&A session, where Edelblut answered a number of questions asked by viewers. Edelblut, an established job creator and entrepreneur, began the discussion by describing his business background working as a CPA for the prestigious accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, working with companies to… Read More »
Press Release announcing that Frank Wins straw poll at the Windham NH Debate BREAKING: Edelblut WINS Straw Poll at Windham Debate (7/15/2016) - WINDHAM - After a very strong performance at tonight's Windham GOP gubernatorial debate attended by Frank Edelblut and politicians Sununu, Gatsas and Forrester; job creator Edelblut scored another straw poll win for his campaign. In the Windham GOP debate official straw poll Edelblut received 59% of the vote. His total dwarfed the returns of other candidates.Read more »
Frank Edelblut earns major Straw Poll Win Edelblut Earns Major Endorsements, Straw Poll WIN (7/11/2016) - MANCHESTER - In a growing sign of momentum, Frank Edelblut picked up a number of major conservative endorsements and a major Straw Poll win. On Saturday, at the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers event, attended by Frank Edelblut, Chris Sununu and Ted Gatsas, Edelblut received an overwhelming 61.7 % of the final CNHT straw poll vote tally.Read more »
Supporters of Frank Edelblut at the July 4th Parades Edelblut Leads GOP Candidates on Social Media (7/5/2016) - Entrepreneur and job creator Frank Edelblut's campaign continues to gain steam toward the GOP nomination in September. The latest indication is Edelblut's first place finish in the Facebook social media race. Currently Edelblut has over 42% more Facebook followers than his closest rival Sununu. He also has 154% more followers and Facebook supporters than does Gatsas, and nearly 339% more followers and FB supporters than Forrester.Read more »
Edelblut responds to the sununu planned parenthood decision Edelblut’s Response to Sununu Planned Parenthood Vote (6/29/2016) - Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Edelblut’s Statement on Chris Sununu’s Decision Today to Spend Taxpayer Dollars on Planned Parenthood FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Wednesday, June 29, 2016 CONTACT: Sarah Koski at Edelblut Campaign Hdqrts 603-801-5726 | CONCORD – Lifelong job creator and Member of the New Hampshire House Finance Committee, Frank Edelblut issued the following statement following Chris Sununu’s… Read More »

A Message from Frank Edelblut:

“I never imagined I would be running for Governor of New Hampshire.

I am a businessman who grew a business from a bedroom in my home into a global company. I live with my college sweetheart, who has been my wife for 30 years. We have seven great children.

I serve as a State Legislator not because I want to be involved in politics, but because I want to give back. I want to try to preserve and restore the common sense conservative values that I know will help our state and the people of New Hampshire succeed.

But I have to tell you, I have learned quickly. I have learned what will happen if we don’t have a Governor who shares our values; if we don’t have a Governor who understands how to create jobs; who will deal with problems like the Heroin epidemic; a Governor who can solve problems rather than kicking the can down the road. If we don’t have a Governor who can help us succeed, we will fail.

We cannot fail.

I cannot allow this state to fail our children.  We cannot allow it to fail our grandchildren.

We cannot fail. And that is why I am running for New Hampshire Governor.”


Frank Edelblut Signature for Priorities
Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire State Rep.


Frank Edelblut is running for Governor of New Hampshire because he wants us to succeed. He knows the status quo is not acceptable.  His background as an entrepreneur and businessman makes him a refreshing alternative to “politics as usual”. Frank is focused on a number of priorities.  He explains his position on New Hampshire Economy here. He talks about his stance on supporting New Hampshire families, the Family Court system, and the current opiod crisis here. Frank talks about the importance of preserving the environment, including solar energy, here. His position on Freedom, including 2nd Amendment Rights in New Hampshire, is explained here. Frank is currently serving as a NH State Rep. for Hillsborough District 38. He is actively making a difference in our state government on a weekly basis, and fighting for the things that matter to us.